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  1. ok, i can try this but when the board will the sma will be mounted in the board How can we precess to remove the gap without a short circuit?
  2. I have try different scenario But physically to mount the SMA it's will impossible to translate less than 0.1mm, and when i do this the result is not ok for at 15Ghz
  3. can you explain please?
  4. Have you some idea to remove the gap in fabrication or special sma connector to minimize the gap?
  5. Without gap, there may be a short circuit i put a litle gap of 0.1mm and the result is here
  6. There are internal GND plane, the electronic technician who makes the layout forgot to remove it. there are some via in the layout
  7. I have change the design and now the gap between the connector and the pcb is 0.1mm The result is similar to the measure but it's not enougth, i must get s11<-20dB (0GHZ to 15GHZ)
  8. No it's a RF SWITCH and this trace line is used for calibration
  9. Yes, i see that but i haven't CST studio softwar to modify the design, i used hfss and i have correct the design Optimizing-Test-Boards-for-50-GHz-End-Launch-Connectors.pdf
  10. This is used for switching signal, the idea is to pass a maximum power and not loss in the transmission line but as you see, i lost signal in the insersion loss
  11. goal_measure.s2p coplanar_board.cst
  12. goal_measure.s2p Thank you for your help clanon, i send you attached the s parameters measurement, the goal is to get S11<-20DB and not resonnance at S21..
  13. I think the problem come from : - via espacing : 2mm is too large - internal gnd plane : can make resonnance - sma transition can make capacitive effects as the picture show i reduce the trace at the sma contact
  14. Thank you for your reply Please find the cst file ,,and that's what it is...?? "board_measure.s2p" that is s parameter measure of the board coplanar_board.cst
  15. Hi everyone, I have design a coplanar waguide with this parameters : w=3.3mm, h=1.6 and gap=2mm, er = 3.66, via espacing = 2mm and via size =0.3mm. sma ref : Cinch :142-0791-821 in HFS. CST and measure i get invalid results near 12GHz, it's look like low pass filter. Can someone help me please Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank board_measure.s2p