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  1. Actually no. I do'nt have access to client.
  2. Hi I use my tp-link tl-wn722n as an access point. now I need a software to show the signal strength of client which are connected to this AP. does any one have any suggestion? (Please note that I need a software which show client signal strength, not access point signal strength.)
  3. this is what happen if top and bottom layers miss-match only for 0.4mm
  4. a question about this antenna: I've optimize this design for 1.6mm PCB by increasing Track width for 0.2mm (0.05mm at each size). So by using 1.6mm PCB and this optimization, antenna has a VSWR=1.1 and Re=52ohm at 2450MHz. but my question is: if I increase the track width for 0.4mm (0.2mm at each side), Re will be about 70ohm. it is very sensitive for PCB production. is there a reliable way to manufacture this antenna? I think it is a super sensetive design. if any track width changed or top and bottom layer of PCB miss matched, the antenna loos it performance. is it a good design?
  5. in this design, reflector is not connected to Ground?
  6. it is better to design Antenna in Professional CAD softwares and then import 3d file to CST. I use CATIA to design 3D files. it is so more easier and faster to create accurate 3d geometry.
  7. An other question: for obstacles I use 3wat amplifier. (using a simple 6dbi omni antenna, it can increase signal strength and range for double or triple or more). Can I use these types of amplifiers with above antenna? how can be its effect? Sunhans SH24BTA-N 35dBm 2.4GHz 3W
  8. I know for obstacles it is better to use omni Antenna. but is there any chance with 2.4GHz in obstacles Areas? how is it possible? the waves will absorbs by Obstacles very soon. Also I ask for which one of above antennas can be better? WiFi-Gun or FR4?
  9. Can you please share the CST File?
  10. Hi At a glance, which one of these two Antennas is better for long range WiFi application. FR4 (Above photo) or wifi gun (below photo)? and an other question, how to know the suitable Impedance of an antenna for some transceiver like TP-Link TL-WN722N? 50ohm? 70ohm or what?
  11. Hi What does happen if we isolate all discs from central rod (so isolate all from each other)? does it cause to increase gain or not?