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  1. Well I'm new here,, and I'm looking for some advice for my long range drone build.. I currently have a DJI mavic 2 pro, a pelican case modified to house 2 dual band 2000mw amplifiers (specs below) w/ a 3000mah power supply, feeding a directional antenna - https://store.4hawks.com/dji/mavic-2/raptor-xr-m2 Amplifier specs- Booster Model: SH-RC5824G2W Operating Range:2.4~2.5 GHz, 5.0~5.875 GHz Operating Mode:Bi-directional, half-duplex, time division duplex senses RF, carrier from transmitter and automatically switch receiving to transmitting mode. Connector Type:SMA Receptacle 50ohm,To radio SMA female(hole inside),To antenna RP-SMA female(pin inside) Input Power:0~20 dBm Transmit Gain:15-18dB Output Power:2000mW (33dBm) Receiver Gain:≤ 12 dB Noise Figure:≤3.5 dB typical Frequency Response:±1dB over operating range Supported voltages: 5V~16V/2A DC This set up has left me wanting more. More range, better signal, the usual.. but with emphasis on penetration.. my current build has taken me 3+ miles from a little 6 foot tripod, but signal is sketchy.. im looking to build another set up that includes #1. A deployable antenna mast, no more than 30-40 feet in height. A new antenna, and if necessary higher powered amplifiers. Just trying to pick your brains on some theory and suggestions when it comes to hardware.. amplifier/output, antenna type, cable/size/length/etc, connector types, and so on.. any input is appreciated!